Felted Soaps with Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson joined the Arts council about 6 months ago and she is so enthusiastic about her work.  She just bubbles and well she should…she’ll be doing her first workshop felted soaps here in the fiber room in a few weeks (April 23rd to be exact) and here’s some info she sent in for me to share about felted soaps…

Did you know :

Wool is naturally anti-microbial.
– Felted soap lasts longer than a naked bar of soap.
– The little sweater around the soap acts as a built-in wash cloth and lets you use your soap down to the last sliver.

Edited soap washing

In her felting workshop you will:

– Choose from one of the 100% natural and organic bar soaps made in NC.
– Learn how to properly prepare and wrap your soap with wool to get full coverage as well as what forms of wool work best for each step of the project.
– Learn how to welt felt your soap without letting all of the wool slip off.
– You will have access to various wool colors for your detailed needle felting creations.
– At the end of it all, you will go home with two handmade bars of felted soap with your own needle felted design and the knowledge necessary to make your own needle felted soap in the future.

Tray 3 cropped

Workshop details can be found on  our website .

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