Tapestry with Nancy Dugger

Nancy Dugger  will be our guest instructor for a Beginning Tapestry  Workshop on May 26 and 27th.  The two-day workshop will cover traditional European (Gobelin) technique called meet and separate as well as how to weave angles and curves, horizontal and vertical stripes, pick and pick, hatching, eccentric weft, and lazy lines.  The larger sample will include these plus pick and pick variations used for shading, regular and irregular hatching, hachure, complex curves and eccentric weft along with Soumak.  We will also discuss the slits and how they can be sewn closed or left open to be used as a fine line and other methods of creating gradations of color.  She will bring examples or several small tapestries that exhibit these techniques. We will discuss some of the many finishing techniques. 120324_Nancy D 012

Nancy first learned to weave in 1964 at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  After moving from Ohio to Georgia, she was finally able to finish college with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Textile and Surface Design from Georgia State University, which enabled her to land a career as a textile designer in high end hospitality carpet and handtufted rugs.  When she was approaching retirement and able to return to hand weaving Ishe found a greater passion for tapestry than other types of weaving.  She choose to focus on the more creative side of hand weaving, though she  still likes to make her own utilitarian items for the home.  She finds peace and satisfaction through the feel of the fibers in her hands, and the challenge of learning how to achieve the right “look” keeps her coming back for more.  “Teaching others to do what I love gives me hope that this art form will remain alive for future generations to enjoy.”



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