Pam Howard – Weaver, Dyer, Teacher


Pam Howard will be  teaching three workshops this fall at the Yadkin Valley Fiber Room!  She is a hand-weaver, dyer, spinner, teacher and the Resident Weaver at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  Her first time holding a shuttle in her hand was in 1967.   She has been weaving nearly every day since 1985.  With the influence of her Mother, a Home Economics teacher, who inspired and encouraged Pam to learn as much as she could about weaving and the fiber arts.  Pam has taught at international and regional conferences, crafts schools as well as for local guilds. She worked for the Handweaver’s Guild of America on their advertising staff of Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot Magazine.  She has held the position of Resident Weaver at the John C. Campbell Folk School for 16 years.  Not only does she hire the weaving instructors, but teaches there as well. Her work has been showed in competitions and invitational exhibitions all over North America.  Pam uses the best materials to make a cloth that is not only pleasing to the eye but serves the purpose that is intend to be.  Her passion is color so that is why dyeing  her warps and fabric has become an important addition to her work and in her classes.

She will be teaching:

The Twill Gamp Your next Step


March 31,2017 April 1 and 2

This workshop will help to reinforce what you already know and give you more.  Learn additional tips and techniques that can make your weaving experience so much more successful.  We will cover designing, beaming on, troubleshooting and inspiration.  Students will learn and weave the components of a 4 harness Twill gamp. By mixing a selection of threadings and treadlings you will create your very own hand-woven pattern directory. We will cover designing using an assortment of standard twill threadings such as straight draw, point twill, advancing twill, broken twill and more.

Wool Dyeing Made Easy! 

Howard Wool Dying Made Easy

October 11, 12, and 13

This fun and easy class will have double the learning power.  Students will use wool yarns to wind a warp for a scarf.  Once the warp is prepared, students will mix acid dyes and the fun begins.  Learn about warp painting, mixing colors and how to properly dye a scarf by using only sun power.  Once the warp is dyed and dried then beam onto your loom to weave a colorful creation.

Lumpy Bumpy Scarf 


November 1, 2, and 3

Want to create a scarf that is colorful, textural and fun to weave at the same time?  In this workshop learn more tips and techniques that can make your weaving experience successful.  Design using colorful cotton and wool yarns.  Then, throw your woven scarf into the washing machine and watch the bumps appear. When it is all over, you will have a work of art that will not only look great but will keep your neck nice and warm.


To register for a class please visit our website:



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