Master Weavng and Spinning -Olds College

The Yadkin Valley Fiber Center is proud to partner with Olds College to offer all levels of the Master Weaving and Master Spinning courses. Dates and deadlines for registration can be found on our Courses and Registration page.

The Master Weaver Program  consists of five progressive levels of classroom and independent study involving skill development, research studies, and project assignments. It provides an educational environment in which an individual can acquire the skill to become an independent weaver.

The Master Weaver program is a rigorous college program that guides weavers through a systematic study of handweaving.  The program is more intense than most workshops. Students focus on cultivating mastery and expertise, rather than producing a specific project or learning a technique. Students should expect to complete homework in the evenings after class.

Each course has two components: an in-class week followed by a year of assignments, which are submitted to the instructor for marking.

During the in-class week, lessons are comprised of lectures, learning exercises, and weaving assignments. Students can expect to complete weaving assignments outside of the class hours. The facility will be open into the evenings and early in the morning in order for students to weave.

Prior to Level 1, students need to be comfortable warping and weaving independently. Level 1 is a systematic foundational study of basic weaving skills, and offers students the ability to hone their skills and expertise.

Each level has specific content and course of study, and includes some form of visual, oral, and written communication (e.g. presentations, research papers, displays). The following is a very brief overview of each level.

Level 1: wool, color and value, setts, warping, weaving, fulling, drafting

Level 2: cotton, basic color theory, twills, overshot block theory, doubleweave, history of simple looms

Level 3: silk, linen, complex shedding devices, profile drafting, block weaves, multi-shaft weaving

Level 4: fundamentals of design, color systems, texture, flat-woven textiles

After completion of Level 4, the student will receive an Artisan Weaver Certificate from Olds College.  Level 5 consists of an independent study supported with online mentorship and guidance and is the final course in the Master Weaver Certificate. If you are interested in this program, please reach out to Leslie Fesperman before registering and she will be happy to discuss the program with you.


The Master Spinner Program consists of six progressive levels of classroom and independent study involving skill development, research studies and project assignments in the area of hand spinning of all major types of fibers, yarns and the end use of the spun yarns. At all levels, students are evaluated on the basis of written assignments, practical projects, oral presentations and skill development.

Each level includes 5 consecutive days (30 hours) of a face-to-face workshop, followed by 100-150 hours of independent study on homework assignments. The face-to-face workshops take place annually, and the homework assignments are due a year after the workshop is completed.